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James and Sherlock
Is love criminal?

James and Sherlock


Book by Nunzio Sisto

Music by Nunzio Sisto

Lyrics by Sisto/Cunningham

Comedic Play with songs

90 min; 2 Acts


Sherlock Holmes (T, 40s)

James Moriarty (B, 40s)

Alessandra Venturini (S, 30s)

Daisy Hudson (A, 60s)

John Watson (B, 50s)



The great legend of Sherlock Holmes ends when he goes over the edge at Reichenbach falls, embracing his arch nemesis, Professor James Moriarty. But how did he end up at this moment? 

James and Sherlock explores an illegal love affair which created the world's greatest detective and his rival, the Napoleon of crime. When a young Italian detective shows up 30 years later looking for a stolen painting, she discovers one of these two men may be her father. As the truth comes out, Mrs. Hudson helps Dr. Watson understand why Sherlock has never fallen in love with a woman. James abducts Sherlock, and Mrs. Hudson and Watson set off to rescue him with the help of Alessandra.

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