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Leverage the Elite Training from Juilliard's Music School to become a Professional Musician in under 6 weeks for a fraction of Juilliard's Tuition. 

Pathway to bring DEPTH to your Musician Skills
Giving you the edge to ace auditions, increase revenue, or achieve personal musical milestones

Nunzio A Sisto

Juilliard School

Pre-College Division, Bassoon/Composition

Mannes College of Music, New School University

B.Mus - Bassoon, Composition / Linguistics

Composer/Writer whose compositions include piano works, chamber music, chamber musicals.

"The Music Industry is simply mimicking each other, Its time we bring Depth and Originality back to Music in a creative accessible way"


The 6 Weeks Musician Accelerator Program

July 16 - August 27

With our structured, comprehensive training, you'll accelerate your progress and streamline your learning through expert guidance and proven methods.

Phase 1 - Ear Training
  • Develop "The Ear of the Pros" to identify and reproduce musical elements like intervals, chords, melodies, rhythms, and harmonies by ear.

Phase 2 - Music Theory
  • The language of Music is one of depth. Deep dive into the depths of scales, chords, harmony, form, rhythm, and counterpoint to access unlimited creativity.
Phase 3 - Music Composition
  • NO MORE Writers Block !! Create original music by writing melodies, harmonizing, arranging for instruments, developing musical ideas, and using expressive techniques to create any and all genres of music. 
Live Weekly Lessons ; groups / 1 on 1s 

Recorded Trainings for Review

Access to an accelerating Musician Community 

Ability to understand/play all 18 pit orchestra instruments 

No Music Mimics ! Create original music with sound fundamentals 

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